Artist Statement

My work is about people and how they perceive their world; In one hand I like the challenge of creating images that capture intangibles like emotions and perceptions and in the other hand I love the human figure and face expressions.

As fine art photographer  [in my early years],  I’ve largely experienced the dark room and gelatin silver and I enjoyed the evolution of the light into the pixel. The flexibility and power that digital photography brings to my creative process is unlimited, that is why digital photography is my main way of visual expression.

I work in essays because that allows me to choose a theme and apply a specific photographic technique.  I choose the photographic or lightning technique depending on the mood and tone I want in the final output. Then the series of images pertaining to the same essay have the same photographic technique. My approach could be only B&W, color or a combination of both. In some cases I will keep the image “untouched”, and in other cases I will digitally edit the image until get a total transformation to create an illusion or an abstraction.

My style is to create simple and clean compositions with my subjects.  I like to emphasize the shape and counter shape interacting with blanks or “air”.  I seek that the viewer’s eye travels around my photos in certain path throughout the array of elements on the digital canvas with balance, weight and rhythm.

Many visual artists have influenced my work; I am a follower of Wassily Kandinsky’s principles for composing. I love the portrait work of Irvin Penn and I profoundly admire Andreas Gursky’s proposition and execution. My commitment with art is to create imagery within a provocative frame for constructive and inquiring thoughts about human nature.